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Healing Leaky Gut with Ayurveda

Leaky gut is being diagnosed more often each day, and is a condition of the small intestine that occurs when the intestinal lining is damaged and toxins and undigested food particles cross the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.

In Ayurveda this falls under the umbrella of Grahani, or small intestinal diseases. And with Ayurveda you can heal your leaky gut and prevent all of the allergies and digestive distress that comes with it.

Think you don't have digestive issues? Listen to this episode and you may think again. Prevention and healing the gut early is key to healthy digestion and longevity.

This is Heather Johnson and you're listening to the Ayurveda Life School Podcast, episode number 113, Healing Leaky Gut with Ayurveda.

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