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Vata Dosha and Travel with Dr Victor Briere

Travel and movement in the body and mind can cause some serious aggravation to Vata dosha. When we move the body through traveling, or move the mind through excess motion, Vata dosha increases along with all the symptoms that come with it.

In this episode I visit with Dr Victor Briere, an Ayurveda Doctor and founder of the International Institute of Ayurveda in California.

Dr Briere shares with us his knowledge and experience as it pertains to Vata dosha and specific ways to decrease this dosha, how to adjust your diet when traveling for better balance, and touches on breath work and pulse diagnosis.

This is Heather Johnson and you're listening to the Ayurveda Life School Podcast, episode number 101, Vata Dosha and Travel with Dr Victor Briere.

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